Weekly Spotlight - Nobody Told Me

1) Tell us about your background story, how did you get to where you are today?

Today we are two co-founders: Stefanie and myself, Susanne Liedtke. Last year, I quit my job at Google and started on this journey. The idea for this site was born when I myself started going through perimenopause and was first surprised and then annoyed by how difficult it was to get reasonable information on this important topic. It was clear that something had to change. After a relatively short time I decided: If I'm going to tackle this, I'm going to do it properly. That's why today I dedicate 100% of my time to building this platform. My personal menopausal biography reads like many others: I had as vivid a memory of my mother's menopause as I had of my childrens’ puberty, without ever having to worry about my own hormones. I first heard the term "perimenopause" when I was 49 years old. Nobody had told me that such a powerful and profound process begins even before the last menstrual period and that menopause is basically the reversal of puberty. I never thought about all of that. And I just didn't associate the symptoms I had with the decline in my hormones ... the bad sleep, the dry, dull hair, the breaking fingernails, the aching shoulder ... What happens to our body and to our psyche when the hormones slowly run dry or fluctuate and we exchange one piece of femininity for something else? Something that we do not yet know exactly what it is ... I wanted to know more. And everything I read about it online was rather daunting. The variety of opinions were confusing, and the range of products did not appeal to me at all. My friends felt the same way. And that's why today there is NOBODYTOLDME. I quit my job at Google in order to break the taboo of menopause, to educate and to offer products and services that can demonstrably help. So that every woman over 40 doesn't have to go on this journey alone. Be it to feel better prepared to go to your next doctor's appointment, to finally find something that helps you fall asleep or simply to better understand what is going on with your body. NOBODYTOLDME about menopause. And that will change now.

2) What is your overall mission with your business? What do you hope to achieve?

NOBODYTOLDME wants to become the go-to resource for women 45+ who want reliable information, products and services to ease their journey through perimenopause and beyond. We want them to be able to have a positive experience while transitioning into menopause. And for that we want to provide them with information, services and products.

3) Who is your main audience?

Our core audience are women 45+ who want to actively support their health to live a healthy and happy life. These are women who also want to be best prepared for their transitioning into menopause.

4) Tell us a great story of success about people interacting with your brand?

We started this thing where we distributed postcards throughout our hometown Hamburg. The postcards ask women to write something nobody told them about menopause and about their bodies. We ask them to do this anonymously. Since then, we are getting these postcards back with very personal stories from women. They are funny, witty, bold and also very intimate. We publish them under https://nobodytoldme.com/aboutme/ Unfortunately so far they are in German only but we hope we can soon reach out to women all over Europe. We believe there are experiences which are universal. And even though there are differences amongst women on how they experience menopause, many women do not know much about it whether they are from London, Lisbon or Berlin.

5) Can you tell us about some of your future plans for the business?

We are currently working on digital services for women to support their personal health journey. We want to find the right amount of tech that is useful for women without being an additional task on their to-do-list.

6) What would your top 3 tips be for women who use your products/interact with your business?

  1. We encourage women to lower their level of stress whether it is psychological or physical stress. This includes that women know how important a healthy sex life in terms of stress release e.g. “an orgasm is cardio for a woman's brain”.

  2. We also want them to know what type of lifestyle, food, supplements, care products support their well being.

  3. And last we want them not to stop looking until they find a doctor who provides the best match for their needs.

7) How can people find you?

We have our platform http://nobodytoldme.com/ also we are on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn

8) If applicable, how do you give back?

We have the gynaecologist Dr. Christina Enzmann from Baltimore in our Advisory Board. This year she went with HEAL Africa USA to the Kongo and worked together with doctors to introduce a program to detect cervical cancer. This would be our first choice to give back once we are able to do so.

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