Weekly Spotlight - Lilia

1) Tell us about your background story, how did you get to where you are today?

After a decade-long relationship came to an end, and I saw my step-mom go through menopause at 36, fertility was suddenly only my radar. I was in a new relationship with a younger guy and realized we weren't aligned on our timeline to kids. So I started doing the dating math...if I needed to have kids by the time I'm 35 then I'd need to be with the right partner...yesterday*.* Securing my eggs was the best way to gain some freedom from my ticking biological clock. As I started researching more, I realized that women didn't have a convenient way of learning about their fertility options. So I founded Lilia, a digital concierge that helps women explore egg freezing. We’re like a white glove Zocdoc for egg freezing.

2) What is your overall mission with your business? What do you hope to achieve?

Lilia's mission is to create reproductive equity — a world in which women have equal career, family, and lifestyle options. As of now, our biological clock's set a pre-defined timeline on when and how our lives can play out. We believe in options, not ultimatums. It's time that we shed society’s “shoulds” and start doing whatever we want. Stay single. Get married. Work more. Work less. Travel the world. Keep your options open. Break up. Start over. Information about our bodies and our options gives us freedom.

3) Who is your main audience?

Lilia helps anyone with ovaries get more information about their fertility options — whether you want kids in 5 years or 15 years or not at all. If you don't know where to start, you've been putting off doing the research, or you're curious about your body & options, we provide support for these important decisions, inviting you to join a community of women on all kinds of fertility journeys.

4) Tell us a great story of success about people interacting with your brand?

One of our clients, let's call her Tiffany, is 24 and just froze her eggs. She was under some pressure from her mother who had her at 25, but she wasn't even close to thinking about kids. In Tiffany's words, "It was very reassuring and comforting to speak to someone who had been through it themselves, not a medical professional, and was going through the same reasoning as me. She answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to start the process. Going through this alone is hard, you need support." Lilia encourages women to be proactive about their fertility so that their present and future selves can feel more at ease about their life decisions. Tiffany is a great example of how thinking about it early can put those fears to rest: "With Lilia, it felt like a weight had been lifted."

5) Can you tell us about some of your future plans for the business?

We want to galvanize an entire generation of women to be proactive about fertility so they can make confident decisions in their lives. We imagine a world where the conversation starts as early as college graduation, so that women embarking on their careers can have the freedom and optionality of their male colleagues.

6) What would your top 3 tips be for women who use your products/interact with your business?

Let go of "shoulds". Information about our bodies and our options gives us freedom.

It's never too soon to start thinking about your fertility. Egg count decreases dramatically by age 30, so it's most important that you take action preemptively.

Fertility is not just about having family; it's about you — and the kind of life you want to live to achieve everything you're dreaming.

7) How can people find you?

You can find us at hellolilia.com and book a complimentary consultation to hear more about our services!

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