Weekly Spotlight - Daye

Daye are transforming tampons for all women. They have made many upgrades to the tampon, being eco-friendly, all natural and with a CBD infused layer. I love that they want to lead the way for women's healthcare innovation and am so pleased to introduce them as this week's spotlight!

1. Tell us about your background story, how did you get to where you are today?

To be honest I never set out to do this. I just had this idea for a pain-relieving tampon and things sort of snowballed. I've always suffered from painful periods, and since no one had ever sat me down to teach me about reproductive health, I started learning on my own and reading research papers. One day I came across hemp, and learned that its fibres are more absorbent than cotton and its flowers have analgesic properties... and I thought "why has no one made a tampon from hemp?". That was my Eureka moment. 2) What is your overall mission with your business? What do you hope to achieve?

Initially I just wanted to make a more absorbent, pain-relieving tampon. I soon realised how the gender health gap meant there had been no real innovation in the female health space in decades. Female reproductive and sexual health is severely under-researched and under-funded, so with Daye I hope to raise the standards in female health and bridge the gender health gap—starting with period pain.  3) Who is your main audience?

Anyone who has a vagina!  4) Tell us a great story of success about people interacting with your brand?

Long before we launched we started getting so many people contacting us asking when the product would be available to purchase. So we decided to launch a waitlist to keep people updated, and before we knew it we had over 20,000 people signed up! This is when I knew our product would really help people with painful periods, or anyone who was just looking for a better tampon. 

5) Can you tell us about some of your future plans for the business?

Our plan is to become the go-to destination for all things reproductive and sexual health. You may know us as a tampon brand for now, but Daye has always been to offer gynaecology as a service. 

6) What would your top 3 tips be for women who use your products/interact with your business?

1. Give us your feedback! As an R&D company we depend on our customers sharing their thoughts on our product so we can continuously improve it. It doesn't matter how small, random or brutal it is... we want to hear from you!

2. Tell your friends! Whenever you refer a friend to Daye and they sign up, you each get £5 off your next order. It's a win-win. 

3. This isn't a tip, but: thank you! We do what we do for you, so we want to thank all our community for every purchase, liked Instagram post, email or referral.  7) How can people find you?

I don't have social media but you can keep up to date with Daye @meetdaye on both Instagram and Twitter, and by signing up to our mailing list to receive special announcements. 

Go check them out, they're awesome and I love their products!

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