The Hormone Fairy - Menopause & Holistic Healing

Last week I was lucky enough to host an Instagram live session with Cat Armor, aka The Hormone Fairy, all about hormones, the menopause and a holistic way of approaching this phase of life. I asked women for their questions and I was swamped by the responses of women who felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to change how they were feeling – lethargic, angry, feeling like they’re going mad, frustrated all with a host of horrible symptoms that they were dealing with on a daily basis.

Menopause is still a taboo subject and it can make women feel extremely isolated. We need to have a better understanding for all of this phase of a woman’s life, during our conversation, Cat also revealed that menopause will now be on the school curriculum going forward which is great news – let’s hope this helps children to be a bit more understanding! During our discussion we also discussed that there are other options for a more natural way for women to handle the menopause, such as the services that Cat offers – homeopathy & nutrition.

Cat herself has been on quite the journey, she is a widow, a mum to 2 young adults and has suffered many other highs and lows in her life. Cat had an early introduction to alternative medicine, at the age of 21, her baby daughter had a bad reaction to her vaccinations and she has no support from her GP or local hospital. This is when she turned to Homeopathy. Since then, Cat and her whole family have always made healthy food choices, use herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and ‘time out’ to help them recover quickly from acute illnesses and stressful situations. She is here to help you achieve the same in your life and to let you know that there are other options out there.

Cat’s approach is to let women talk for an hour, to be heard in a safe environment which is so hard for women to find these days! She would then conduct a hormone test and from there she can advise on homeopathic remedies and nutrition that can help alleviate the symptoms and help women to lead a better life. We also spoke about just how important nutrition and gut health is to all women, this is something that women just don’t even think about and we need to raise more awareness of just how important this is!

I really enjoyed speaking to Cat, I love the holistic approach she takes in her work and am inspired by how she helps women lead a better life. Her top 3 tips for women are:

1) Gut health is key. Start looking at your gut health, perhaps adding in a probiotic and cutting out the rubbish – such as refined, caffeine/coffee, sugar and alcohol. Add in more veggies, phytoestrogen foods like broccoli into your diet too. If your gut isn’t healthy and you’re taking supplements, it won’t get absorbed by your body properly.

2) Stress levels!! This is key! Look at all elements of your life and mark out of 10 how happy you are in each element, break it down and see how you can work on improving it.

3) Stay hydrated! This can help all elements of your health.

To find out further information about Cat and how she can help you during the menopause, please visit her website: and follow her on Instagram for some great content: @thehormonefairy

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