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Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of officially ‘zoom meeting’ Erika who runs the Holistic Beautie podcast and website. The reason why I approached Erika, is a) She is bloody awesome and b) Our values and thoughts on women’s health is really similar. We had a great chat about her life, her endometriosis diagnosis, how she became an endometriosis coach, women’s healthcare in general and how badass we all are!

Erika is based in Chicago, is an Endo warrior herself and has been navigating life with this condition for many years and surgeries. After lots of trial and error, she is now living her life in a holistic way, including becoming a vegan which has really helped her symptoms. During our discussion she also mentioned how many women she knew that were experiencing similar symptoms to what she experienced, who she ended up talking to and helping with on their diagnosis journey, hence her naturally progressing to becoming trained as a coach for women who are suffering with Endometriosis. She has also trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to study hormones, gut health and nutrition, whilst also being a licensed Aesthetician.

I really connected with Erika, as she too, is an avid believer in how much your mindset can affect your health and condition, whilst also firmly believing that food is medicine, add in a dash of self-love and self-belief and we are very much like two peas in a pod! It was great to chat so freely about these beliefs and women as a whole.

We discussed how important it is for women to be knowledgeable on their health and the condition they are suffering from, in order to progress and manage the symptoms in a more holistic way. Alongside this, being financially literate can also really help to empower women on their journeys too.

Her top 3 tips for women were:

1) Don’t stop hunting for a diagnosis! Find a Doctor who will listen.

2) Make sure you’re taking care of your body in every way possible – sleep, foods, gut health, hydration and reducing stress with time for yourself.

3) Keep telling yourself that you’re going to get through this – be positive! If you are struggling with this, then reach out to people who are positive, listen to positivity podcasts as ultimately, your mindset is going to lead you where you need to go.

On her website, she has set up a course for women to get out of debt and a course on how to become a vegan if you are interested in this too, so please do go and check it out – she is doing some great things and I can’t wait to collaborate with her again!

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