Stacey Foat - Endometriosis, PCOS & Holistic Healing

Stacey Foat is a registered naturopath and hormone specialist, specialising in helping women who suffer from Endometriosis & PCOS. Her aim is to help women see that they can live a better life with these conditions and spread her story of pain that she overcame.

At age 27, Stacey was diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis and was told she’d started menopause with no explanation as to why. Under the mainstream medical model, she was just one of the ‘unlucky ones’ and the only advice given was to try and conceive as soon as possible. After gaining 8kg in 6 weeks, experiencing hot flushes, brain fog, exhaustion, irregular, heavy periods and cystic acne Stacey plummeted into a deep depression of self-loathing and personal rejection. This was when she stopped blaming her hormones and started listening to them instead.

“With a radical shift in personal perception and some old school natural therapies I was able to completely reverse my symptoms within 6-9 months.” Still symptom-free and living in ‘balance’, Stacey resides on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is the mother of a beautiful 3-year-old who she conceived naturally despite being told this would never be possible. Her mission is to end women’s suffering by bridging the gap between conventional medicine and natural therapies and to empower and educate women to enjoy balanced happy lives in hormone harmony.

During our conversation we discussed how your clearing your colon, connecting with your emotions - the significant impact they can have on your health and supporting your gut microbiome can help you on your health journey.

Stacey’s top 3 tips for women that don’t know where to begin are:

1) Understand what is going on inside your body. Stacey’s book can help you to understand the ins and outs of your body and the root causes of endometriosis and PCOS. Understanding is the first step in helping improve your health.

2) A colon cleanse takes 3 days but can really help to reset your body and get rid of the toxin build up within your system.

3) Self-love and self-acceptance is super important on this journey. Don’t lose hope!

You can follow Stacey on Instagram: @staceyfoat_balancedbabes Or on her website: Her book Balanced Babes: Every Woman's Guide to Hormone Harmony is available on Amazon.

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