PCOS with Lara Rickard

This week I was fortunate enough to speak with the lovely Lara Rickard. Lara is a registered dietician and specialises in helping women who are suffering with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, by using functional medicine to establish the root cause of their PCOS concerns and help to reverse symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle factors, so women can get answers beyond the pill and antibiotics.

Lara grew up in Zimbabwe and first started experiencing her PCOS problems when she attended boarding school, resulting in her losing her period for more than a decade! Along with a whole other host of symptoms, it was during this time that Lara found her passion for food and the human body.

After this she gained an honours degree in Dietetics, became a registered dietician and came to London, working in various hospitals all across the UK. It was during this time when she witnessed many people struggling with symptoms but were left confused, frustrated and not knowing what was going on with their own bodies.

This was her turning point, when she decided enough is enough and chose to go deep into the functional medicine approach. Doing this, she was able to reverse her symptoms and even got her period back!

Now Lara helps women all across the World to better understand their bodies and help them gain control over their PCOS.

During our chat, Lara broke down the ins and outs of PCOS, explained how a holistic, functional medicine approach can help with women who are suffering, and how your relationship with your body and mindset is something that can really assist in your journey.

Lara’s top 3 tips for women who don’t know where to start were:

· There are no silver bullets, stop chasing them. Don’t try to do 1 million things at once. Focus on one area to change in your life to avoid feeling overwhelmed and be patient! Start with your sleep and commit to changing it.

· Stress, understand that this is a massive trigger. Your body doesn’t know the difference between a bad work email and fighting a tiger. Take note of how your body reacts on a daily basis - do you have a clenched jaw, tight shoulders etc. Once you’ve recognised it it’s easier to address.

· Start with your chewing. Make sure you’re properly breaking down food to improve how your body responds.

· BONUS tips: Restore your relationship with your body and try to continue understanding your root causes – don’t be afraid to look at additional support and guidance to help you on your health journey.

You can find Lara at: https://marulawellness.com/ or on Instagram at: @marula_wellness.

To view our episode on Youtube, head to: https://youtu.be/AH0BPeCGfQo

Or on all podcast platforms by searching Inner Woman Wellness.

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