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I had the absolute pleasure of talking to Libee from @wellnessanwellbeing all about periods, contraception and mindfulness this week. I really enjoyed our chat about how we all need to be kinder to ourselves and be more human beings rather than doings and how the moon can really affect women’s cycles and lives as a whole. We also discussed Libee’s own journey and how she’s felt during this Covid lockdown period. The account she has set up is truly inspiring and helpful for so many people, she’s passionate about making mindfulness and wellbeing something accessible for all, by giving challenges and breaking it down into bitesize chunks, so everyone has the opportunity to improve their health.

Libee herself has been on quite the journey which prompted her to create her Instagram account to share her story. Libee is a psychology graduate with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the importance of wellbeing in everyday life for better physical and mental health. The philosophy and ideology followed through her account is that ‘labels are for jars’, promoting properties that tell the world we are not a product of our diagnosis.

After our chat, I asked Libee what were her top 3 tips that she would say to people to become more mindful in their everyday lives, this is what she advised:

1) Be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings

2) Write things down or journal your emotions/find an alternative safe and constructive outlet

3) Try to live a healthy lifestyle with food and drink more fluids

Please do go and check out Libee’s account on Instagram: @wellnessanwellbing and on Facebook: LP’s Wellness an Wellbeing.

You can view our chat on YouTube: ttps://

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