NEW EPISODE: PMDD with Rebecca Sairs

This week we were shining a light on the awful condition that affects roughly 4 million women in the US alone, 1 million women in the UK and 90% of women are living undiagnosed with this condition that can disrupt their life catastrophically on a daily scale, PMDD.

This is a condition that affects women’s reactions to their normal hormonal fluctuations on such an extreme scale, so much so that 30% of women who are suffering have contemplated committing suicide to escape the pain and distress it can cause.

I spoke to Rebecca Sairs, a sufferer of PMDD who has now become a women’s health coach and helps women who are suffering to live a life with PMDD in much better harmony. During our call we discussed Rebecca’s own journey, what actually is PMDD, what’s the difference between PMDD & PMS and what her works involves to try and help women.

Rebecca’s tips for women who are struggling were:

1) Track your cycle and your symptoms for at least 2 cycles so then you can distinctly tell you doctor what you’re suffering from.

2) Build out your support system. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in different areas in your life. Reach out to Facebook communities, find a better doctor, there are people out there to help you!

3) Start with one of the basics. The aim is to reduce inflammation, don’t try to change everything at once, choose one to focus on and really master that. Changing food, start with one extra piece of fruit per day. Small steps build habits!

You can find more about Rebecca and her work on Instagram at @pmddhealthcoach and on her podcast, Power over PMDD.

You can view our YouTube video here:

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