NEW EPISODE! LJ & I discuss all things endo, Doctors, fitness and mindset!

This week’s podcast/YouTube episode was with Lj Johnson, an Endometriosis Nutrition & Fitness Coach who focuses on whole foods nutrition to improve the quality of life for those suffering from disease caused by hormonal imbalance. She has endured a long, personal journey with Endometriosis and helps other women thrive with it in her EndoWarrior Academy programme.

In this episode, we discussed Lj’s journey, how hard it was for someone who is very into their fitness to suffer with the condition and how it affected all other elements of her health too. Lj is a very positive and upbeat person, but she did discuss how not being able to get answers from her doctors, or being listened too, did affect her mentally. Through her own trial and error, Lj explored a holistic way of healing and ended up being able to avoid having a hysterectomy that she was actually scheduled in for.

On 13 July, Lj is launching her EndoWarrior Academy program, which is for 4 weeks and focuses on nutrition, pain management, mindset and fitness (not a fitness programme!), to get you fighting fit and in a better place to work with your body and manage your pain with endo. To sign up or for further info, head over to her Instagram for the details: @ljs_powerhouse.

Lj’s top 3 tips for women who feel at a loss are:

1) Have a great support system in place. This is a huge one and so important to know that you’re not alone.

2) Be an advocate for yourself. You are allowed to interview your doctors and surgeons! If they are not a good match, you need to find someone who is, otherwise you will never get the answers and help that you need. Be coachable and willing to learn.

3) Know your body. If it doesn’t feel right to you, or you feel this isn’t normal, find a doctor who is willing to listen to you and help. Reach out to people who have experience and are willing to help, eg a coach, therapist etc. You do not have to live in pain!

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