NEW EPISODE! Dr Meredith Brezinski - Why Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is important and not scary!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Dr Meredith Brezinski all about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, how this can majorly help your health and pain and what is actually involved within the process!

Meredith’s passion for physical therapy developed early in high school as she saw first-hand the effect of physical therapy on her grandmother’s recovery following a stroke. She began her career as a physical therapist in 2016, and worked for two years in an inpatient rehabilitation facility focused on helping patients gain the independence they needed to return home after lengthy hospital stays. Now Meredith combines patient education, hands-on manual therapy, and specific exercise rooted in the most recent evidence to help people recover, and get back to the activities they love, all in the comfort of their own homes.

Meredith’s specialties include:

· Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation

· Negative Pressure Soft Tissue Mobilization

· Myofascial Release

· Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

· Therapeutic Massage

· Neurological Injuries

· Exercise Prescription

· Kinesio Taping Application

· Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for Women

Throughout our discussion, it was great to realise that something that I actually felt was quite scary, once you’re in the right hands, like with Meredith, is actually not that scary and can do wonders for your health and getting back on track. It’s all about finding a PT who you trust and can build a rapport with. Meredith’s top 3 tips for women who don’t know where to begin and who are nervous were:

1) Breathe! Holding your breath can affect your pelvic floor, diaphragm and pelvic floor work together, so be more mindful to take slow breaths as this can really help! Meditation apps are great – Insight Timer is a free app. See if you can bring awareness to that area. Don’t ignore your pain, bring positive thoughts to that area. Get connected with your body!

2) Gentle movement can help, motion is lotion! Doesn’t have to be strenuous. Just connect and move the area.

3) Toileting properly, leaning forward can help. Breathe and take your time!

This chat with Meredith has really given me the confidence to keep pursuing getting treatment for myself and to not put up with the pain, just because I’m too embarrassed to go! I really hope this helps other women out there to know that you do not have to suffer.

You can find Meredith on Instagram at @drmeredithbrezinskipt where you can send her a DM to talk further to her.

To view the YouTube video, click here:

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