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In this week’s podcast/YouTube episode I spoke with Aly French & Erica Stein from the Courageous Wellness Collective & Podcast. We discussed health & wellness, their journeys which led them to set up Courageous Wellness, plus their mission to create food affordability and accessibility in America.

Both Aly & Erica have overcome so much in their lives which ended up bringing them together and setting up Courageous Wellness. After experiencing a cancer diagnosis in her twenties (Aly) and a self-love journey which led to a 50lb weight loss experience (Erica), Aly & Erica created a platform to interview real people about their personal journeys in health and wellness. From physical wellness, to emotional and spiritual, they hear courageous stories and focus on why it is important to share them. They are committed to de-stigmatizing conversations in the wellness space and celebrate the experiences and lessons of their courageous guests. Both Aly & Erica are now certified holistic integrative nutrition health coaches and speak at live wellness panels and events. Talking to them was truly inspiring and I can only hope that one day I can inspire others like they do on a daily basis!

Aly & Erica provided us with some fantastic top 10 wellness tips previously which were awesome, check them out here. During our conversation, they revealed the top 3 things that they have learnt from their guests of the podcast.

1) Every person who has a success or health story all have a daily practise that they commit to every day. This is key to success! There are so many different practises, you just have to find yours! J

2) If they have a mission attached to what they’re doing, and feel the need to contribute, they look at obstacles on their journey and every time that they’re told no it isn’t an end point for them. The mission for the work that they feel passionate about is stronger for them then the no’s.

3) Just start! Before you’re ready, before it’s perfect, you’ll develop and grow along the way!

They have some exciting plans in the pipeline for Courageous Wellness and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! I hope some further appearances on the Inner Woman Wellness podcast ;)

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