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Colette Centeno Fox is a truly inspiring woman who has been through her own long hard battle with infertility. She has written all about her story in her book ‘IVF Got This’ and now is a speaker at events and helps support women who are going through a similar experience that she went through via her online community and podcast.

During our call, Colette walked me through her infertility journey, describing what her body went through, her relationship with it and how it affected her life - especially the multiple miscarriages that she experienced due to her NK Killer Cells. Throughout our discussion, Colette also speaks about what helped her to get through this experience and just how important her support network is. It does have a happy ending, with her beautiful twins being born, but she went through one hell of a journey to get there.

Colette is very open and honest about what she’s been through and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her. I hope this is some comfort to any of you out there who is suffering on their journey, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Colette’s top 3 tips for women who are struggling with their infertility journey are:

1) Acknowledge your feelings. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to hid under the duvet, do it. Letting your emotions out can help tremendously!

2) Join support groups and read other people’s positive stories. This can really help you to keep hopeful

3) Find healthy outlets for your emotions. Journaling, volunteering, walking in nature – whatever works for you, find an outlet so you can find enjoyable moments during this difficult time.

You can read about Colette’s story in her book ‘IVF Got This’ which is available online and in bookstores. Her podcast ‘The Road to Motherhood with Colette Fox’ is also available on Itunes & Spotify. This is where Colette discusses her IVF journey, raising twins but also talks to other mums who have children who have learning disabilities, allergies or anything else that life can through at you! She’s building up her community of Mums, so go check it out!

Follow Colette on Instagram: @colettecentenofox and Facebook: IVF Got This.

You can watch our conversation on Youtube here:

Or alternatively, listen to it on Spotify here:

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