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So a while back there was an article that Women’s Health Magazine posted where Julianne Hough spoke out about her endometriosis diagnosis.


It came under a lot of scrutiny as she says:

“through this transformation of really connecting back to my truth, I haven’t had symptoms of endometriosis because of the love and kindness I’m giving to my body. I believe there’s stress, shame, guilt, and suppression of female energy that’s associated with endometriosis, so de-layering that has really helped.”

People have come out and said this is wrong and have even started a petition against WH magazine as it doesn’t represent endo in the right way.

Agreed, there was no background of endo in it, but it is raising awareness of endo, getting people talking about it in the mainstream media, which needs to happen more frequently. As for the fact it helped Julianne Hough, shouldn’t we be happy that this has helped a sufferer feel better about the condition and manage it better? It should give us hope that we can manage this condition without constant drugs, hormones and surgeries. Isn’t it worth exploring to try?

I know I’ll probably come under scrutiny for this opinion, but I personally really believe in the mind/body connection and the power our mind really has over us and our lives. I completely agree with Julianne and am on a personal journey of focusing on my mindset and energy, whilst making dietary and exercise changes in my life to help heal my health in a very holistic way. I believe you have to look at and help all areas of your life to unlock true health and happiness. It’s a slow process and is very hard at times, but I went and saw a herbalist (unfortunately she was too expensive), but we had an initial consultation and she asked me about my life, my work, my family life – some very heavy questions and a lot came up. She said she had worked with endo patients who were consistently relying on hormones, pain management and surgeries to help and had managed to get them off of these reliance’s, by working through their emotions and tapping into their inner person – once they are healed it’s so much easier for the physical being to feel healed.

This may be very woo-woo for some of you, but the mind/body connection is very true and strong – there’s numerous scientific studies to back this up. I strongly believe that the stresses I’ve had in my life and the situations I’ve put myself in (very stressful, full on jobs and consistently high cortisol levels), have made my body express itself through the endo. This is your body telling you that something is not right, and so many of us ignore the screaming signs that our body tries to give us on a daily basis – it is always talking to us, just like our mind is. I knew I couldn’t carry on living the way I was. I knew I had to make changes within myself and my whole lifestyle. I had to commit, as I knew I never wanted to feel the way I did prior to surgery every again. Surgery isn’t a guarantee that it won’t come back. I had another huge flare up early this year, and guess what, at the same time I was incredibly stressed at work and within my life – coincidence? I think not!

A great film I watched was ‘Heal’ on Netflix, about health and healing (watched it when recovering from surgery) – check it out! Another person who I follow and listen to podcasts from is Noor Hibbert – Think It, Get It podcast. She has a book too called ‘Just Fucking Do It’ and honestly, she’s awesome! She swears like a trooper but her vibe is amazing and what she says just clicked with me about the universe. So please, go check her out if it’s something you’re interested in learning more about.

I am really loving exploring this new way of life and love researching new ways of approaching things. I am working on myself personally, working through some of the things I have been carrying around for a while and let me tell you – it has been tough but at the same time, so liberating. Don't get me wrong, I have bad days like everyone does, you're allowed to! Everyone is human and can't stay positive every single day. It's being able to remember that you have to keep fighting and keep listening to your body, remember you are not alone and never be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, the amazing community on social media and my messages are always open! I feel hope, I feel lighter and I strongly believe that I will be coming off of my hormonal contraceptives within the next year. I am studying to become a women’s holistic health coach and I am really excited about this next chapter of my journey.

I know some of you will disagree with this post, however, all I say is this is my personal opinion and my way of dealing and managing with the conditions I have. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has altered their mental mindset and has seen an improvement in their health. Anyone else trying the holistic way – have any tips? Please share and get in touch! :)

As always, please be kind to all xx

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