Menopause - The Basics

Unfortunately for us women, not only do we have to suffer with periods each month, and for some of us further gynaecological problems, but when we think it’s all over we get bit with the motherload – the bloody menopause! This bitch can cause a lot of stress and horrible symptoms for many women.

Menopause is when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally. In the lead up to menopause it’s common for periods to become less frequent before they stop altogether, but sometimes they can stop altogether and it can be suddenly in some cases.

It’s a natural part of ageing for women and usually occurs between the ages of 45-55 years old as estrogen levels decline. 1 in 100 women experience this before the age of 40, which is known as perimenopause.

Menopause can cause havoc for women and their daily lives, yet is it something that isn’t given enough spotlight in the wider world.

Menopause Facts

o 90% of women say their workplace doesn’t offer any help to menopausal women

o Currently 50 million women in the U.S alone suffering in menopause

In a recent survey, women reported:

o 73% of women reported having hot flushes

o 63% said they regularly felt tired or drowsy

o 48% suffered with low mood

o 47% struggled to concentrate

o 43% had trouble with their memory

Symptoms of the Menopause

Most women will experience some sort of menopausal symptoms.

Common symptoms are:

o Hot flushes

o Night sweats

o Vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex

o Difficulty sleeping

o Low mood, anxiety or depression

o Reduced sex drive

o Problems with memory and concentration

Unfortunately, menopause can last a long time, around 4 years after your last period and can last for a long time, even up to ten years. I know, we always get the damn short straw!

Causes of Menopause

Caused by a change in the balance of body’s sex hormones which occurs when you get older. This happens when your ovaries stop producing as much estrogen and no longer release an egg each month.

Treatment of Menopause

There are different options on how to treat the symptoms of menopause. Some work well for some women, when others can have a different reaction to it. There are more tailored options out there, but many are very expensive. A common treatment for it overall is HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). This involves taking estrogen to replace the decline in your body’s own levels around the menopause time, this can help alleviate symptoms and make life more bearable. Lifestyle changes can also help alleviate symptoms too, which we will cover in further articles.

Menopause can be an extremely frustrating time for women, some even struggle emotionally to deal with this change in their lives. We want you to know that at Inner Woman Wellness, our community are here to support you and you never have to deal with this by yourself. Please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.

Information taken from official NHS website

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