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To round off last week, I got to speak with April Summerford who is behind Beyond Endo, a Facebook community for people who are suffering with Endometriosis. We had a great chat about her endo journey, how she became a coach and just how damaging toxins can be to your health.

April has had quite the journey to get a diagnosis for her endometriosis, to the point that she was even operated on with a device that was like a cattle prong! She decided to go on her own quest to find reliable information out there and now spreads this accurate information to all women who are suffering.

What I love about April is the fact that she doesn’t call herself an Endo Warrior, she calls herself an Endo Survivor, as she believes, like myself, that we aren’t stuck with this for life – if we change our approach we can actually beat this and keep it at bay. We also discussed the gender health gap and how this needs addressing for change to take place, along with how positivity and a great mental attitude can help your health too.

During her career, April worked in higher education and then the coaching world before a side detour working alongside an Endo Specialist. This is when she realized how poorly women with endo are treated, how far reaching this problem really is and how outdated women’s medicine is in general. It was right then that she decided women deserve better and that she would do her part to share her journey and coach women along their healing quest. Through her work, she also shares how finding the root cause of your symptoms, along with detoxing your home from toxins that add to your hormones, can really help with your Endometriosis. I will be writing further articles about toxins and how this can affect your health at a later date.

April’s top 3 tips to women who are suffering are:

1) You're responsible for your health and you are in control of this. Resist the urge to feel that your body is against you – it’s just trying to send you signals and we need to listen to it. Put the power back where it belongs – with you and start to investigate what is my body is saying and how can I support it as it’s trying to heal? It wants to heal but needs help!

2) Don’t get overwhelmed, take it one day at a time, take stock of things that bring you energy and things that drain you of energy. It takes years to detox all areas of your life so take it one thing at a time.

3) This can be a lot more fun than you think! You have time to research the healing options, the things you will learn is amazing!!

To find out further information about April and how she can help you during your journey with endometriosis, please visit her Facebook group: and follow her on Instagram for some great content: @beyond.endo

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