The Road to a Better You

Inner Woman Wellness was created after I was diagnosed with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis (along with a whole host of health problems that both of these illnesses have brought with them) and I had to find out the hard way in how much of a difference there is between the men and women’s health care system and just how tough it can be to be taken seriously as a woman about health issues. I realised how difficult it was to find reliable, engaging, simple to understand information and found it to be an extremely isolating experience as I struggled to explain what I was experiencing with those around me. Finding help to manage my condition was either very expensive or I had to scroll through a million websites to find what I was looking for. To read my story in full, click here

Women's chemistry is extremely complex and finding reliable and engaging content is a minefield. It shouldn’t be! No-one should feel that they are on their own in managing these conditions that widely affect so many women in the world. No-one should have to feel humiliated when talking to a medical professional about their symptoms and pain. No-one should feel that they have to educate the medical professionals and every other person they meet about these very common issues, it should be well known information for not just women, but for men to understand too.

Each and every single one of our bodies go through so much naturally and we have no control. Our reproductive health can have such a negative effect on the rest of our health and lives - the statistics are scary! Despite all of this, we still live in a World where all the solutions are meant to be a one size fits all, or the tailored options are very expensive for most women and the focus still isn't on women's health.

As a 20 something person who suffered horrifically with dreadful and excruciating symptoms of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, I was let down time and time again by the system. I was part of many online communities, reading other people’s stories, finding research, advice and realised that I was not alone. Some women had even lost all strength to fight for their diagnosis and had been convinced it was all in their head, that they ended their lives.

If I went through such a horrible and confusing process to get a diagnosis, having to do my own research to be heard by medical professionals, I started to think bigger, PCOS, Infertility and something every woman goes through in her life – Menopause. Women who suffer every single day, menopause especially, why is science not shining any light on how to alleviate some of the horrific symptoms many suffer with? I have many women in my life who are going through this natural phase and it causes havoc in their life.

We have waited to see if there was a shift in how women’s health care is represented, it is changing slowly, but many aspects still remain very taboo. Let’s accelerate this and create a platform for our voices to be heard! Women’s reproductive health problems and pain can affect not only women physically, but mentally too, and can affect their life and relationships in huge ways.

We want to bring women together from all across the World, of all ages to support and help each other so no-one feels overwhelmed and alone on their very complicated womanhood journey. We want the information, knowledge, community and products to be together within one site, instead of a million different ones where you have to go and dig for the information. We aim for our content and information to be engaging, reliable and inspiring!

If you can't find anything on what you're looking for? Ask the community and get in touch with us! We want to include as many women, with as many issues as we can so everyone can be involved, find helpful products and get the support they need. In order to do this, we need to hear from you guys! We need to hear your experiences, your knowledge, the products and services you'd suggest so we can shout about them on our platform so we can help others in a similar position! 

We want you to help shape our story so please do spread the message far and wide - we really appreciate all of your support. 

We have got this together! 🙌💪❤️